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Budget tight? But keen to WOW at your next event?

For those more budget-conscious customers, there is no need to go without. We here at Brisbane Fairy Lights completely understand why you're online searching out lighting for your next event. I mean we live and breath lighting and know full well how transformative dazzling lighting is in any setting, especially at a party! But with all the other costs involved sometimes it can be hard to justify. But hey there's no need to completely write off the idea.

Our high grade, commercial quality, connectable fairy and festoon light systems are superb, have great output and best of all are perfect for an easy self install.

So rather than paying us to install your lighting, why not hire our lights and simply install yourself. Once you've booked in your lighting hire; we're more than happy to have a look at any photos of the venue/space you may have and offer suggestions for design/layout ideas. Just because we may not be installing the lights, doesn't mean we aren't just as focused on ensuring they shine at your special event!

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