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Marquee Series Fairy Lights (240 volt)

Marquee Series Fairy Lights (240 volt)


Please Note: A Marquee Series Power Lead is required to run the lights.


Marquee Series is built for indoor or outdoor use.  Perfect for Event Companies, these connectable light strings are 11 metres in length and feature a far more robust construction for situations where the lights are being put up and pulled down frequently. 

Our Marquee Series Are:

  • 240 Volt AS/NZ Certified

  • Highly Robust true rubber flex construction.  Available in black or white.

  • Weatherproof (IP44), suitable for outdoor and indoor installations

  • LED Diodes are acrylic encapsulated for high durability

  • Simple end to end Connectability of light strings

  • Connect up to 20 x 11 metre light strings off one power lead

  • Basic Accessories such as 2 & 3 way split connector, connector belts, curtain belts & extension leads available

Marquee Series Light String Options:

11 metre lengths - Black or White Cable

  • Warm White (2700K)
  • Champagne Warm White (3000K)
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